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We are one of the fastest growing Designing Company located in Odisha, India, established in January, 2012 by BISWAJEET MAHARANA. At the earliest stage of the company, the prior aim of the company was to bring a change in Indian flyers and artworks and give the artists a professional look design. Slowly the company started widening its branches and grew into a big full grown tree from a bud.

The support of DJ SHADOW DUBAI was tremendous towards the company. He was able to get the company its first overseas graphics work at ENIGMA, DUBAI for Asia’s Biggest Diwali Bazaar.

With changing calendar pages the state of company changed too and it grew bigger and bigger. New artists as well as the established big daddies started preferring JEET VISUAL ARTS. The company which was established for flyer/artworks only had now started doing videos as well.

2015 was the milestone in the history of the company. In early march the company joind hands with India’s no.1 online release portal of DJs, ALL INDIAN DJS CLUB. Later in early June JEET VISUAL ARTS was able to make the official cover for CHOTI SI NIKKAR – RAMJI GULATI FT. DJ SHADOW for ZEE MUSIC COMPANY. This was the turning point in the company history. After the artwork JEET VISUAL ARTS was able to do few more artworks for official releases PHOTOGENIC KURI – DEEP MONEY FT. DJ SHADOW, IK WAAR – FALAK SHABBAIR FT. DJ SHADOW to name a few. Later on August JEET VISUAL ARTS was signed by BEYOND RECORDS, PAKISTAN as their graphics designer.

At this point the solo handed JEET VISUAL ARTS took up a few more hands to help the growth process. Now the company is into providing artists with all type of graphics needs.