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Christ Dance Company

The Christ Dance Company, a renowned dance company of North India that researches the unique ways of moving and places dance in the new light of expression. The main director Mrs. Sunita Masih founded the company in 2014 and has been working in this field since 2000. The main choreographers Mr. Sahil Masih and Mr. Eshan Masih who are also the former members are both nationally recognized choreographers and have choreographed many Bollywood songs and Punjabi songs with super unique dance move most of the songs are super hit and are trending in today’s population. The Christ Dance Company has done thousands of events in various states and has also performed on some of the biggest platforms and reality shows of India like India’s Got Talent and Dance India Dance. The dance teachers not only give the artists the skill and technique they need to dance well but also encourage them to be a good individual. They provide opportunities for artists to work towards their goals and even take artists to international platforms and reality shows. With an aim to provide quality dance training to dancers who display a high level of potential in dance and making dance available to all, they also provide all types of artists like tv artists and international dance artists with different dance themes.

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